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Affordable Island Home Ownership in Cedar Key, Florida
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Pamela McCormick Broker
B201 Natures Landing, 7041 Depot St., Cedar Key,
Welcome to our McCormick Management & Realty Sales Page. 
If you've been considering the purchase of a Cedar Key Home why not give me a call. Now's a good time to buy. Even if you've never been to Cedar Key and yet the allure of an unhurried island life where bicycles and golf carts; smiling, friendly people; near perfect climate all sound like a place you'd like to live. Give Cedar Key some thought. Second home, investment home, retirment home I can not only broker your purchase but our company is also the largest rental managment company here. With nearly fifty homes and condos under our care we have a firm reputation not only in our community but also with many many vacationers who trust no one but us for vacation rentals. So let us help you find your Cedar Key home, guide you through the purchase then allow your home to help pay it's way through our rental program. We're experienced, family owned and trusted since 2003. 

MLS #768157              Price   $235,000.
12222 Franko Circle, Cedar Key, FL 32625
MLS #773306            Price   $240,000.